2020 drawing to a close

As 2020 draws to a close I just got to remember the things I achieved and didn’t, the memory’s of meeting alyx, remen, Brennan and the CEO of wtb tyster. I remember quiting wtb for a few good month’s out of anger because remen made his own version of a lab game and it featured but I was stupid. I remember 10 days into my world to build adventure I got boost. I remember the website being updated. The way I found wtb was that I was looking for a alternative to roblox because none of my games were ever found. All I can say is thank you for the memories.


We’re glad to have you. You’re definitely an awesome friend to have here. :grinning:

In my point of view, as Brennan mentioned on another topic,

2020 was a year that seemed as if WTB was hibernating for users while the truth is, many stuff have gone down behind the scenes as Brennan also implied on that same, other topic,

While WTB seems dead for most users, it seems as if the team has been dedicating most of their worktime to getting the new avatar system finished and it really seems to be paying off now as the time for it to come has finally neared as mentioned on a recent announcement by Brennan:

So, while this year has mostly been a silent, bitter year for the community of WTB, in my opinion, sweet days seem to be arriving soon, so, this stale year will hopefully be quite worth it, in my opinion.

It’s kind of like the COVID-19 situation, in my opinion. Many say that the world “froze” and/or “lost” a lot during this pandemic, but the truth is, many private and federal pharmaceutics companies all around the world were racing or working hard for a vaccine this entire year that was so called “frozen” and this year that the world “froze” will finally melt as many pharmaceutics companies have recently begun distributing COVID-19 vaccines all around the world. The vaccines will probably reach most of the world population in 2021 - hence, ending the pandemic.

In this case:

  • People that believe the world froze this year, would be the WTB community

  • Pharmaceutics companies would be the WTB administration

  • The COVID-19 vaccines being distributed in 2021 would be upcoming 2021 WTB updates

In conclusion, while it seems like 2020 was a terrible year for the community of WTB, it wasn’t actually that terrible as the administration was working hard behind the scenes to create an innovative update that will draw the community back in 2021. So, to summarize 2020, I would summarize it in one word – “bittersweet”.

Good to have you all here.

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dang thats alot to read