Clothing Removal

Hi all,

As you may be aware, we are in the final stages of the new voxel update for our player avatars. This will include a larger variety of customization options for players. Read more on that here.

Because we are transitioning away from template clothing, we will be removing information related to these player items from our servers, including the images associated with them. We have temporarily opened back up the ability to view your items and have added the ability to download your templates so that you can get them directly if you don’t have them on your computer.

While you will not be able to re-upload your templates in the future, we wanted to make sure you have access to the clothing you produced here before the new update goes live. We will leave this link live until December 26th, 2020, so please download your clothing templates before this date.

You can access your clothing by direct link here:

To get your template, click the :memo: icon on an item and press the green “Get Template” button.

Thank you.



ok thank you

ok thanks a lot

got it, never made clothes but alright