Display a headshot of our WTB avatars as our WTB forum profile pictures again:

Prior to the voxel update, a headshout of our WTB avatars were our WTB forum profile pictures.

I believe that instead of being pfpless and having our first letter of our WTB usernames be our pfp, I’d suggest that a headshot of our current, voxel avatars should be shown from a certain angel or the same, previous angel.

I am aware that as the voxel editor enables users to generates heads and hats in all different shapes and sizes, the entire avatar’s shoulder-up might not display or appear in the frame or shot depending on how close it’s arranged, but, it’s better than this bland scenery, don’t you think?

And if a user decides to wear an inappropriately designed head or hat item tht they’ve made and forum, then, other forumers could just report the user on the website. This should 't even be a problem, honestly.

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