folks, there is another problem publishing games.

i was adding things to the grand igloo, when i went to publish it, and it gave me this error: error_at_filesize. thus, i couldnt even publish or change the thumbnail, so i saved a backup and came here.

im not very descriptive.

Thank you for letting us know. @tyster, this might fit better in your ballpark.

Hey @DERPWARE ! I just looked into your world and that specific error. I think the issue is exactly what it’s saying, that your file size (the world file for your game) is too big for our server. This is something we can change and increase the file size limit (I knew some day this would need to happen anyways!), but I would like to verify that this is the issue and not something else. To do this I’d like to check out your world download - I can’t download your world from our storage at the moment unfortunately, probably due to this issue.

Could you please email your world’s backup file to and include this forum post in the email? Thanks!

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