hello this is mr president

i require infinite currency on this website to do my presidential duties


what do these duties entail, mister Biden?

we may never know

allowing democracy to thrive in the boundaries of this great social game

new drum set arrived today

did you know, in the doog engine, “the cabbiteer engine”, as some people call it, is made of blades (they variate like piston engines, like I4(inline4) V8(V shaped block, 4 pistons on each side), so this is B4, or such things (although you can’t have a V in a doog engine), but, however, since i designed the “doog engine” in 2018, and since i heard about the “rotary engine” and havent forgotten much since then, works similar but not completely the same. these blades “roundruns” i call them, are in a housing much like the rotary engine, very tightly. now, the most recent idea i got up with is where a spark plug is on a blade, sending it forward (rather than a “sparkcup” which was located (3 of them) around the housing, but, as to my knowledgen i dont think it would work. one moment you’d have a power range, next you wouldnt. so, i designed (like the piston engine, it has a camshaft for valves), connects up to a camshaft, opening a valve in a cup, sending the fuel out in between the blades (chambers, i call them), and, the sparkplug on the side of the blade, fires, sending it the way it was intended, the side it was on. this spins the crankshaft (shaftrod, i call it), and the cycle starts again.