Please create a google document of all swear words blocked on World-2-Build.

Must include misspellings as well, like idi0t, i_d_i_o_t, i.d.i.o.t, i-d-i-o-t, 1diot, id1ot, idio7, idioot, i d i o t, iidiot, iddiot, idiiot, idiott, and idiooot.

We no longer restrict profanity, but we do not allow harassment or targeted speech of any kind that is harassing in nature. The filter will be removed for a majority of our game once our voxel update releases. There will be places where we will still restrict profanity (like user tags and nicknames) for the sake of our brand, but otherwise it will generally be allowed.

However, we can’t disclose what words we restrict for obvious reasons. We use a combination of processes to determine inappropriate language, so in hindsight it would be difficult to provide a list anyways.