How to bobux in 25 easy steps!!!1

helo guys today i will show you how to bruhbux super fat sorry i mean fast* and quckly in only 24 steps!!!1112

  1. talk to people
  2. become friend of the people
  3. tell them to give free bobux
  4. if not then call bobux man
  5. tell bobux man to destroy the people give no free bobux
  6. if bobux man denies call gru from gru the movie
  7. tell gru from gru the movie to destroy bobux man if he betrays
  8. if gru from gru the movie denies then i dont knou
  9. can i have free bobux pls i have 0 bobux :frouning: :(((

thanks for reding guys


if thre 9 step fail, go to othr step

step 10 trespas into bobux man terrotory house mansion

step 11 launch hack on his compater. keep in mind hes has security gaurds

step 12 wait it will take a while depending on your skill

step 13 get intel

step 14 clear out with the intel

step 15 using the intel find the website of the robux generator

step 16 if u find something input the bobux password of the computer i meant from ok

step 17 wait for the generator to process. theres a 75 percent chance that it will go through in 5 minutes however it may take more than 30 on rare occasions

step 18 enable CPN (Cabbitan Private Network)

step 19 enable generator

step 20 input the amount of bobux you want

step 21 get bobux

step 22 spend bobux.

step 23: he will notice but since ur using a BPN he wont be able to track but he’l change password i recommend setting the amount to 5 billion because if you set it too big than that he’ll hire an professional hacker and he might track you and arrest you for bobux hack and theft

step 24: enjoy