If World To Build survives for more than 5 years then...

I’ll be amazed!

Bet on it :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope it will

if wtb survives that long that would be :ok_hand: tbh. imagine wtb being more famous than roblox one day lol. that would be my dream

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that’d be cool if world to build became more popular than roblox

yeah lol would be really really cool

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but i hope that WTB doesnt switch to robot moderators.

oh, and lets hope that bitfarming will be extremely unpopular

i believe the bit system will be changed like roblox in the future.

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same, i think the same.

If they get popular, im pretty sure they’ll need to hire more moderators. And not the crappy ones of course ROBLOX has.

Fingers crossed then :smiley:


@tyster going for the next 100000 years guaranteed

Heck yeah! :sunglasses:

I set a bookmark on this post for approximately 5 years from now. April 12, 2026 6:00 pm.