Introduce more groups to the WTB forum -- I have some ideas!


I honestly believe that WTB should introduce more groups to the WTB forum that will help define and represent the role of users better. Such groups could be public ones that bring together:

  • Bundle Designers

  • World Architects > I did not refer to them as “World Builders” as “World Builders” - in my opinion, is what everybody should be referred to as based on the title of this website

  • World Scripters

  • World QA Testers

and maybe for the future,

  • World Translators

By having forumers be able to join such public groups and hence giving them the authority to be able to show off the title of their group beneath their usernames, world developers interested in hiring such users from a group could easily reach out to the user with the tag or group title beneath their name as long as the settings of the user part of the group has their settings configured so that they are able to be contacted. By introducing such groups, I believe engagement between players would increase by quite a lot - thus, increasing overall community engagement on the WTB forum.


Two more ideas:

A) For the present:

  • World Influencers > while applying to join this group is public, it is actually private as the applicant must first be a verified influencer based on certain conditions that the administration would have to determine (i.e. the applicant must have at least 1,000 subscribers/followers on a social media platform that posts WTB related content)

B) For the future:

  • World Graphic Designers & World Trailer Creators
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Those ideas are VERY good!