On the voxel editor, let us see the full title of saved designs.

Currently, whenever you save a design on your voxel editor, the title of the design file will appear to a limited extent or stop showing after some point in case it is a long title. And because of this, I’d like to suggest that we should be able to see the full title of our saved designs.

A good reason for this is because designers might not be able to guess which of their designs is which in the case they have multiple designs with long, similar titles like as seen on the screenshot down below in which the last 4 designs are arms and legs designs with quite similar, long titles which are missing the ending to their titles.

Now, how am I supposed to guess which ones an arm or a leg? The thumbnail of the designs don’t even display which I also suggested to display on this topic.

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A hover-over popup might do the trick too.

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This is a good addition that probably should have been added to begin with. I will mention it to @tyster and see if we can get it out to you guys in the next update.