Rare Username Hangout

Hello This Is a rare Username Hangout And Chill

what counts as a rare username lol

Uhh can I enter?

i cant enter since i have
a bad username
but a low id

rare username :scream:

What even counts as a rare username lol. Well, if you’d ask me, a rare username is a name with 5 or less characters, boost membership nicknames don’t count, since they can be changed whenever. Only your basic one can enter.

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am I rare? I also own the account password and much more.

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You’re really rare.

lol thanks.

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Also, i’ve got an alternative account (namesnipe) (its name is Nice)
so i guess im allow’d in?

All usernames are rare since you can only make one of that username


This is cool.

Well yes but actually no!
[insert meme here]

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hey dog. please do not be false flexing, it’s usual to have a 4 letter long username.

Is this a rare username or no?


but you have no-body to chat with!

is this rare bro

yep. pretty rare!

I got an pretty lame one.

Hello there.