Retirement of the Welcoming Committee

Hi all,

We are announcing the retirement of the Welcoming Committee effective today. We wanted to share this update with you and explain our reasoning for doing so.

The Welcoming Committee was established in January of 2020 as a means of welcoming new players to World To build. The purpose of these special individuals was to greet and help newly registered players with navigating World To Build. Players were handpicked by our team based on their wide array of knowledge and helpful behaviour on the World To Build platform.

Over the course of the last few months, we haven’t seen a vast need to have a separate committee to welcome or provide support to users. Most new players interact with us in real-time and usually get their questions answered by everyday players. So, we are retiring the program for now.

What happens to my achievement?
The Welcoming Committee achievement will remain on player profiles where it was already rewarded, but it will not granted to any additional users.

When will this program come back?
We have not decided any additional plans for the Welcoming Committee, but we will update players if we decide it should return.