The Rules of the Community Forums

Welcome to the Community Forums! :partying_face:

It looks like you have stumbled across our discussion boards for World to Build. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register an account to post here. If you’re already a player, welcome!

This topic is intended to inform players of the basic dos and don’ts of the Community Forum. Keep reading along and we’ll let you know some important information before you start posting new topics!

Who’s in charge? :eyes:

We have a few teams of employees that browse the community forums for different reasons.

  • @Employee s are official employees of World to Build and help maintain it. Follow their guidance or you may be suspended from the Community Forum altogether!

Our Rules :raised_hand:

  1. Post your topic in the correct category.
    We offer a variety of categories for players to post in, including an off-topic category. Please make sure you are posting your topic in the appropriate, relevant category. While moderators have the ability to reassign topics to new categories, there is no reason they should have to.

  2. Keep your posts relevant and meaningful.
    Don’t create topics just to create topics. If you are creating a new topic on our forums, your topic should be meaningful and engaging. No one wants to see a post titled “hi” and bodied “hi”. Those types of posts are considered spam and can result in your account being suspended.

  3. Do not spam or advertise on the forum.
    Spam, links to other unapproved websites, links to raffles or giveaways, or additional advertisements are not allowed on the Community Forum. You may only link to,, or Discord links are not permitted to be posted here.

  4. Do not post about inappropriate or sensitive topics.
    Some content just isn’t appropriate for World to Build. To keep our community safe, we do not allow topics that are inappropriate in nature to be posted on our forums. This includes topics related to real-life events that are inappropriate and never end on a good note.

  5. Do not post debates or topics that start arguments.
    Topics that are sensitive in nature, or have the potential to start an argument are not permitted on the Community Forums. Such topics include religion, politics, or controversial subjects from the past or present.

  6. Do not post topics that are harassing in nature.
    This includes creating topics aimed towards a certain group or individual whether harmful or not. Practice the DBAJ rule (Don’t Be A Jerk) and be nice to everyone you meet.

  7. Do not post about your personal information, including moderation history.
    Some information just isn’t mean to be shared with the public. Never include any personal information or information associated with your moderation history on the forums. Information that we do not allow to be posted consists of:

  • Moderation history
  • Billing information
  • Your full name
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses, like your state or street
  • Real-life images
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Other personally identifiable information
  1. Do not post or encourage inappropriate posts.
    Giving inappropriate posts attention or replies only allows additional players to see the content. If you notice an inappropriate post or reply, please flag the content quietly and help us make World to Build a better place.

  2. Do not post scams or misleading giveaways.
    We are directly referring to “buy this and u get 50,000 bux1!1!” scams or “buy this to be entered into this giveaway” posts. These are not allowed. Additionally, do not post about giving away your account. You are not allowed to share or give away your account.

Our Staff

World to Build staff are official employees that maintain our website and keep it safe for our players. Listen to what they say. They are ninjas on the prowl and will moderate players who violate our player rules and guidelines or community forum guidelines.

Our staff members are governed by guidelines and rules different from those we have in place for our players. That being said, they may post information or links not otherwise allowed in our player rules.

Consequences :sob:

The community forum operates alongside player accounts on World to Build. All forum accounts are connected to their origin player account and rule breaks can result in suspension from the Community Forum or an entire account suspension.

Members of our Community Relations Team have the power to suspend access to or delete player accounts that are violating our rules on the forum. Suspensions are determined by the number of times a player’s forum content has been removed or altered, or how many times they have been flagged for inappropriate conduct. Suspensions can range from a single day to forever, depending on the nature of the offense.

Additional Terms :spiral_notepad:

In addition to the above rules, our Terms of Service applies to these forums. Please make sure that you read over our terms to ensure your topics do not violate those as well.

Thank you!
Your Friends at World to Build