top 22 suggestions for WTB

1 like selecting parts so you can union them and (or) make a model so when you select them you select the ones in the group or model so you dont hvae to select all those hundreds of parts
2 naming a part
3 improving the guis
4 change the skybox texture
5 add a thing where you can get models from other people ( like rigs of rods or beamngs repository)
6 add custom textures for particles
7 adding music and sounds
8 adding part reflections
9 more materials
10 getting parts to emit light
11 a better rotator
12 decals, like where you see it on one side but not the other
13 car chassis
14 engine sounds
15 teleportation scripts
16 better physics, (running super fast and then jumping, you slow down really quick, not very realistic),
17 better-looping textures for parts
18 seats
19 health
20 chat moderation
21 chat blockers
22 anti-spam chat bots


i aint be expectin this anytime soon though but ok

remember, just a suggestion

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