Web Updates - July 2020

:pencil2: Release: 07/16/2020

Landing Page

  • Landing page has been redesigned.

Login and Registration

  • Login page has been redesigned.
  • Registration has been redesigned to become more user-friendly.
  • Account recovery options have efficiency improvements.


  • Player search redesigned.
  • Player search has performance improvements.

Player Profiles

  • Profiles have a new design!
  • Forum post count has been removed from profiles in favor of our new community forum.
  • Per request, the verified user system has been removed.

Overall Design

  • New header design.

We’re in the process of catching outdated pages up to speed with our new pages. If you notice any bugs or design issues, please post them in our bug reports category: https://forum.worldtobuild.com/c/bug-reports/25

:pencil2: Release: 07/17/2020

Community Forum

  • We removed suggested topics from individual threads to reduce clutter.
  • The forum badge system has been disabled for now.
  • We added top navigation links to help players move to and from the Worldtobuild.com website easier.
  • Sub-categories have been combined with their parent categories to reduce clutter.


  • World genres are here! Choose between 15 genres to classify your world. This can be adjusted in your world’s configuration and will help players find what game they’re looking for easier.
  • The Worlds page has a new design with efficiency improvements.
  • Worlds page searching is back working again. Your genre will save when you search for terms.

Bug Fixes

  • Identified an issue with sorting for the “all” genre on the Worlds page. A fix has been deployed.

Thank you for your feedback. As always, please report any issues you’re experiencing in our bug reports category: https://forum.worldtobuild.com/c/bug-reports/25


:pencil2: Release: 07/25/2020

Bug Fixes

  • Identified an issue with some players not being able to login at times. This issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed some broken links on the website footer.
  • “My Friends” page had an issue with names crunching together depending on screen size. This issue has been resolved.

We are contiuning to work on updating outdated pages. Thank you.

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