Web Updates - September 2020

:pencil2: Release: 09/01/2020


  • We removed the ability for players to hide their entire profiles for now. We determined that there is no sufficient information to be hidden from the public on player profiles.
  • We added friends lists back to profiles, as well as a message button. The friend request feature is still under maintenance.
  • The membership system (Boost subscriptions) is disabled while we determine a new system that offers better benefits. No current subscribers are affected–this affects new sales going forward. With the removal of this system, we have also removed the payouts tab under “My Money” and “Boost” under account settings.
  • The exchanges tab (and feature) on the “My Money” page are disabled for now until the system is reworked.
  • We have temporarily disabled the marketplace in order to remove player clothing and set it up for our new avatar system as announced on our blog.
  • We have removed the Bux purchase page for rebranding.
  • If players have 0 Bux, they will not see the currency at the top of the website at this time. We are planning on rebranding this portion of our site. Free currency (bits) will remain public and visible for now.
  • Gameplay and building is now temporarily limited to pilot players only. See the Public Gameplay Temporarily Unavailable post for more information.
  • My Feed has been removed from the dashboard.
  • The “New In Shop” tab has been removed from the dashboard.
  • Some achievements were missing from player popups. This has been fixed.
  • Added a list of achievements with descriptions. Click on an achievement on a player profile to head to that page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the “My Worlds” page that caused header dropdowns to appear behind buttons on the page.

Thank you for keeping with us during these changes. We want you to be part of what we’re making! Check us out on Discord.