World to Build's New Cross-Platform Launcher

Hi players!

We’re excited to announce that we have completed a new and improved cross-platform launcher for World to Build. This launcher took a lot less time than expected to get out to everyone, so we are a bit late on giving some heads up for some additional actions you will need to take to keep playing and building.

*Please note that the installer may flag for some antivirus programs, including Windows security. We’re working on getting this resolved, but we promise the program isn’t harmful :slight_smile: .

Why are we making this change?
We are releasing a cross-platform launcher to lay the groundwork for our ability to release on multiple operating systems in the near future. We are deprecating the old Windows launcher in order to merge the project into a new system.

Will the problems with the previous launcher be fixed?
The new installer should resolve a lot of the issues players were having with the Windows launcher. We started from scratch and built the new launcher from the ground up.

What happens with the old launcher that I downloaded?
The new launcher will automatically uninstall the old version of World to Build for you and replace it with the new dependencies. There will be no action needed from players apart from downloading and running the new launcher.

How to Report Problems
We expect that not all computers will function the same while running the new launcher, client, or builder. We’ve implemented a bug reporting system where players can let us know what is going on.

Obviously our goal is to bring World to Build to all platforms and this update will help us do that. We appreciate your support and apologize for the requirement of having to reinstall the new launcher. This should be the last time that we require a new download from players.

I look forward to building with all of you!