wow wtb is dead

trust me,ive been here for a few months so i know

there were no new items since i joined
only about 100 ppl joined after i joined
its ded
why tf are ppl still using this

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I like to call it hibernating, but really it isn’t that at all. Our administrators are working in a separate test environment that players cannot publically access. We’re planning a release with new avatars that will include the marketplace opening again. Check out more on that here:

Plus, if you’re over the age of 13 you can check us out on Discord. We’re pretty active there:


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We’re never dead :sunglasses:

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Yo, how long have you been making websites like this lmao.

I feel like I’ve seen your name on all these websites for years now.

as a developer I see world to build as an alpha or bate game so I see it as not the full product because I do run a business and my director of marketing who also helps with planning, and being my marketing advisor says not to ruse to get advertising and promotion out not until the full product is available. this year as a developer I have been working on games in the background, thanks for your time.

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I think that if the game dies, it loses popularity.

And WTB is only gaining it.

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